Mass SMS
Mass SMS allows your business to send a targeted message to a dedicated group of customers.

It is a fast, convenient and cost-effective to deliver your marketing communications and sales messages.

Other uses for Mass SMS include:

  • Marketing communications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Targeted campaigns and promotions
  • Debt collection
  • Customer notification

Comprehensive API
We provide the most comprehensive API solutions to integrate with your existing Point of Sale/CRM systems and drive sales/marketing campaigns as well as customer engagement/retention programs.

PaladinSMS can also tailor an API solution to fit your existing business needs.

2-Way SMS
2-Way SMS allows you to send and receive a targeted SMS to commence a meaningful conversation with your customers and staff.
PaladinSMS can also tailor a logic-based chat functionality to maximise your campaign conversion and appointment setting.

An example of how a 2-Way SMS campaign can work for you:
An offer is sent requiring reply of YES to secure offer
Customer provides Yes/No response.
If Yes, another SMS is automatically sent with a link to purchase

Unique Number For Your Business
PaladinSMS can offer a unique number for your business.

This allows you to communicate specific messages to your customers from a unique mobile number.

Key Benefits of Unique Number:

  • Your customers will receive dedicated messages from the same mobile number allowing you to control the customer experience over time eg. separating a debt collection SMS from a campaign SMS
  • 2-WAY SMS functionality for campaigns are optimised through Paladin’s Online Analytics Portal

A Name Instead Of A Mobile Number
PaladinSMS allows you to set up a number using your business name to send a message eg. ‘Ozskin’ instead of a mobile number.

This allows the customer to quickly identify the type of messages from your business.

Please note that 2-WAY SMS is not available with this service.

Online Analytics Portal
Paladin’s Online Analytics Portal allows you to maximise your customer’s experience and business profitability with the following tools:

  • Managing customer reply messages via 2-Way SMS
  • Delivery reports
  • Access stored historical SMS campaigns
  • Manage Opt-in and Opt-outs
  • Campaign Analytics to track conversion